TRIMET Hamburg commissions a new casting machine


TRIMET Aluminium SE commissioned a new casting machine at its Hamburg site in November, significantly expanding its production capacity for aluminium sows. The aluminium smelter can now annually cast around 45,000 metric tons of the aluminium produced by means of electrolysis and has almost doubled its capacity following the investment.

“The new casting machine allows us to respond even more flexibly to our customers’ needs and we are now in a position to adapt better to the fluctuating requirements of the market,” says Dr. Andreas Lützerath, member of the Executive Board at TRIMET Aluminium SE.

Besides the higher production output, the new casting machine is a major plus in terms of occupational health and safety: Every stage of the process – from casting, skimming, and labeling the sows to weighing them and depositing them on a conveyor belt – is automated. Robots thus perform work that previously had to be done by hand. The new machine is in the form of a casting carousel with 18 molds. It can cast 18 aluminium sows, each weighing 780 kilograms, every two hours. The new technical standard guarantees consistently high product quality. 

By: Wolfgang Nübold