TRIMET is committed to the hydrogen economy


TRIMET is involved in the development of the hydrogen economy in the industrial region of Essen. Philipp Schlüter, CEO of TRIMET Aluminium SE, is a member of the H2 advisory committee for the city of Essen, which met today for its constituent assembly.

“Essen represents Germany as an industrial base and also stands for structural change. In no other region do the energy sector, primary material manufacturers, and the processing industry form such a close-knit network. Where can the upcoming transformation be achieved, if not here?” says Schlüter. 

The H2 committee was brought into being by Essen’s mayor, Thomas Kufen. The panel with representatives from companies and research establishments wants to promote the hydrogen economy as an important part of an integrated energy transition. To this end, resources will be pooled and projects developed and implemented. 

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By: Wolfgang Nübold