TRIMET supports Essen education initiative


TRIMET Aluminium SE and its employees support the "Zukunft Bildungswerk" with a donation of around 5,000 euros. The non-profit initiative is committed, among other things, to early childhood language support and learning support for schoolchildren in Essen. "The 'Zukunft Bildungswerk' does valuable work, especially in view of the current restrictions, so that young people do not lose out in their development," said Dr. Andreas Lützerath, member of the management board of TRIMET Aluminium SE, at the check presentation on May 8.

"Our goal is to open up more educational opportunities for socially disadvantaged children in Essen and the surrounding area. The daycare and school closures as well as the basic operation during the lockdown make this task particularly urgent. That is why we are very pleased about the donation from TRIMET," said Turgay Tahtabaş, founder and managing director of Zukunft Bildungswerk.

The multi-award-winning non-profit initiative has been offering various programs for the education of children since 2015. Projects in cooperation with schools in Essen accompany girls and boys on their way to graduation. 

As sponsor of the current sponsorship project, TRIMET employee Graham Inglis handed over the check for around 5,000 euros. The IT specialist announced that TRIMET would continue to support the "Zukunft Bildungswerk" financially in the future. The donation comes from the donation account of the TRIMET site in Essen, into which the staff and the management board have regularly paid contributions in the past. The employees of the family-owned company use the money to support social projects and initiatives in the region.

Further information on the "Zukunft Bildungswerk" and donation options can be found here.