Die cast alloy for crash-relevant applications

You need a high pressure die cast alloy for crash-relevant applications – we have it: trimal®-05

The trimal®-05 (AlSi10MnMg) alloy is a low iron high pressure die cast alloy that was developed for die cast parts requiring high static and dynamic properties. The TRIMET Aluminium SE smelter in Essen, Germany produces the alloy from extremely pure metal, thus guaranteeing excellent mechanical properties and corrosion resistance. 

As a result, cast parts that are produced from trimal®-05 can be installed without corrosion protection.

Due to a silicon content of about 10% by weight, castability is excellent. Parts with thin walls and numerous ribs can be cast without problems. The balanced ratio of iron to manganese minimizes the tendency of the part to stick to the die and increases the die life. The strength of the parts is regulated by adjusting the magnesium content. 

trimal®-05 is a weldable alloy that can be used with all common welding methods. Combinations with extruded profiles or sheet metal are possible and applied. After appropriate heat treatment, elongation can reach over 15%.

Chemical composition

The following table shows a reference analysis for the described material in weight percent. trimal®-05 can be delivered according to the EN AB-43500 standard, but customer specifications may vary.

% Si Fe Cu Mn Mg Zn Ti Sr* a.E. a.G. Rest
Min. 9.50     0.4 0.10   0.03        
Max. 11.00 0.25 0.05 0.8 0.45 0.07 0.15 0.027 0.05 0.15 Al
*A permanent refinement with strontium is common practice.

Mechanical properties

The following mechanical properties were determined using real parts and are considered to be reference values for the use of the alloy. Strength and elongation are regulated by adjusting the magnesium content, meaning a low magnesium content creates great elongation and medium strength while a high magnesium content results in great strength and medium elongation.

Temper Yield strength Rp0.2 MPa Tensile strength Rm MPa Elongation A % Hardness HB
F 120-150 240-290 5-12 72-100
T5 160-220 280-320 4-10 85-110
T4 100-140 190-250 13-18 60-75
T6 200-270 290-350 6-13 85-110
T7 120-170 200-250 10-16 70-80


trimal®-05 is used for applications in which the static and dynamic properties of the part must meet the highest demands, for example structural parts, space frame nodes, motor mounts or casing pipes. Depending on the demands, trimal®-05 cast parts can be delivered in the as-cast state or after an appropriate heat treatment


  • The alloy trimal®-05 (AlSi10MnMg) was developed for crash-relevant die-cast parts with the highest demands on static and dynamic stress.

  • The alloy has excellent castability.

  • The cast components are highly corrosion-resistant and suitable for welding using all common methods.

  • The strength and ductility of the parts can be adjusted via the Mg content and heat treatment.

trimal®-05 product information sheet

Download the product information sheet for our trimal®-05 die casting alloy here.

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