Heat treatment-free alloy with highest energy absorption capacity and high strengths

You want a high pressure die cast alloy for ductile applications – we give you trimal®-37

The trimal®-37 (AlSi9Mn) alloy was developed specially for the high pressure die casting process. In comparison to common die cast alloys, it has excellent ductility, which is evident from its high elongation and good energy absorption capability.

As a result, trimal®-37 is particularly suited for components that must exhibit high ductility without any or cost-intensive heat treatment.

trimal®-37 has excellent castability through the silicon content of about 9% and is thus ideally suited for casting complicated structures. The low iron content in trimal®-37 prevents the formation of coarse intermetallic phases; manganese prevents sticking to the die. In the case of extremely large-scale structural parts, further measures can be taken against sticking. By refining with strontium, the structure of the eutectic silicon is so fine that it cannot be observed under a light-optical microscope even with a magnification of 1,000x.

The elements zircon and manganese create the necessary strength at room temperature and provide good heat stability at higher temperatures. The eutectic silicon can be globulized through short annealing that is performed below the blister temperature, thus increasing the ductility even further. The low magnesium content prevents the material from aging.

Chemical composition

The following table shows a reference analysis for the described material in weight percent. Customer specifications may vary.

% Si Fe Cu Mn Mg Zr Zn Ti Sr* V o.e. o.t. other
Min. 8.5 0.3 0.1 0.006 0.03
Max. 10.5 0.15 0.05 0.6 0.08 0.3 0.05 0.15 0.027 0.1 0.05 0.2 Al
*A permanent refinement with strontium is common practice.

Mechanical properties

The following mechanical properties were determined using real parts and are considered to be reference values for the use of the alloy.

Temper Young‘s modulus GPa Yield strength Rp0.2, MPa Tensile Strength Rm, MPa Elongation A % Hardness HB
F 65-75 120-140 250-290 8-15 80-90
O 65-75 100-120 200-240 10-18 65-75

Short- and long-term heat stability

State Emodul GPa Rp.2 MPa RM MPa A %  
205°C - 60min. 65 134 280 10  
150°C - 1000h 65 135 250 11  
Measured regions with a wall thickness of 2–3 mm. The alloy has been permanently refined with strontium.


The trimal®-37 die casting alloy

  • has excellent cast and die-filling behavior,

  • can be easily removed from the die,

  • has high heat stability,

  • has high ductility in combination with, good strength,

  • has good corrosion resistance,

  • is weldable with all common welding methods.

trimal®-37 product information sheet

Download the product information sheet for our trimal®-37 die casting alloy here.

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