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TRIMET’s headquarters are in Essen – the pearl of the Ruhr region. This is where we produce extrusion billets, rolling ingots, and primary die casting alloys for you every day in our foundry. Production embraces a wide range of dimensions and alloys, including high-gloss materials and special qualities produced in accordance with your specifications.

Knowing the project is in good hands
Also based in Essen are our trading staff, who market our products worldwide. They work hand in hand with our experts in financing options for risk hedging, who are on hand to help you realize your projects. 

Thus, Essen is the hub of our supply and marketing activities.
When it comes to raw material procurement, global metal marketing or financing options for risk hedging, our contacts always have an open ear for you. They also ensure the supply of energy, alumina and anodes to our aluminum smelters.

Know-how available worldwide
All TRIMET offices are networked worldwide. You can therefore obtain sound marketing know-how on all aspects of aluminum and copper via our globally connected trading network.

Sustainability and CO2 emissions
The "Brief Information | Climate Protection Measures" provides an overview of sustainability and CO2 emissions at the Essen site.

An overview of the Essen plant:

  • 360 electrolytic furnaces in 3 production halls (PBPF cells in end-to-end configuration)
  • 12 melting/holding furnaces, gas-heated
  • 12 casting furnaces, induction-heated
  • 4 melting/casting furnaces
  • 8 vertical continuous casters
  • 2 horizontal continuous casting lines
  • 1 fully automated ultrasonic testing unit for extrusion billets
  • 2 continuous homogenization plant for billets
  • 6 homogenizing chambers / 3 cooling chambers
  • 165,000 metric tons of primary aluminium produced annually
  • 285,000 metric tons of cast products produced annually
  • 100,000 metric tons of scrap aluminium recycled annually
  • In-house continuous casting line for research purposes to develop new alloys and optimize casting processes
  • 790 employees, including 46 trainees

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