Interim balance of the integration project - 37 refugees in employment or training


TRIMET draws a positive interim balance of its "Vocational Training for Refugees" initiative. The materials specialist now employs 37 refugees who are completing training or are already working as skilled workers at the TRIMET sites in Essen, Hamburg and Voerde after completing their training.

"We have achieved more than half of our goal of offering 66 refugees an apprenticeship and opening up long-term career prospects for them with us," says Dr. Andreas Lützerath, member of the Management Board of TRIMET Aluminium SE.

In selecting the apprentices, TRIMET works closely with local authorities and social agencies. The training initiative has met with a positive response from the local authorities at the sites. Essen's Lord Mayor Thomas Kufen expressly acknowledged the commitment of the family-owned company during his visit to TRIMET on August 10, 2020. Depending on their previous education and aptitude, the young people who have fled from war zones start training directly or complete a twelve-month introductory qualification. TRIMET assumes the costs for supplementary language courses and preparatory technical training, among other things. 

The "Vocational Training for Refugees" project is the result of an initiative by TRIMET founder Heinz-Peter Schlüter. At the height of the wave of refugees in 2015, he announced that the company would offer vocational training and long-term career prospects to 66 refugees in addition to regular apprenticeships in the coming years.

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