It is part of the corporate culture to train and sustainably promote our own junior staff.

TRIMET Academy

This also applies to managers. With the cross-location TRIMET Academy program, the talents are introduced to their future tasks.

In September 2021, the starting signal was given for the third round of the academy. In the first of a total of six events, the 22 participants got to know each other and completed their first team tasks in order to grow together as a group. The team spirit has a special significance in the current round of the TRIMET Academy, because for the first time it is cross-national and therefore takes place in English.

In addition to employees from Germany, junior staff from France, Switzerland and the Czech Republic are also taking part. By solving their first task at the meeting, the participants were able to demonstrate that they work well together as a team: Under the supervision of external trainers, they constructed a large marble run that worked smoothly. The six events in the Akadamie series take place over a period of three years. They are designed to help employees from all areas of the company build on their individual strengths and develop potential.

Sustainability topic

The TRIMET Academy is aimed at specialists and managers or employees who are taking a further career step in perspective. Depending on the program, participants should therefore have between two and five years of specialist or management experience and demonstrate the potential to take on greater responsibility.
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